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12 Duncan St
Dunedin, Otago, 9016
New Zealand


Stanley Studios is a boutique newborn, childrens and family photography studio located in Dunedin, Otago



When should I book my session?
As soon as you are interested!
Newborn sessions come with a complimentary maternity session at the moment, but this won't always be the case, so to take advantage of that and ensure your ideal dates are available please inquire as soon as you know you need me. As some babies are born early and some are born late, I never schedule more than 2 due dates a week, just in case there's a lot of overlap

What should I wear?
It's completely up to you! Try to avoid your clothing clashing with the rest of the family and avoid branding and logos. Neutral colours work best like cream, grey, navy, brown and the classic black and white. Need inspiration?

Will my images be in colour or black and white?
Both! When digital files are purchased you will receive colour and black and white versions of your images

How much do you charge? 
Please see my pricing information here

Do you offer payment plans?
I would love all of my clients to order exactly what they want, and I completely understand that sometimes our wishlist is bigger than our wallets! I give all of my clients the option to pay their order off over a number of weeks, as long as the order is decided at your viewing appointment. Your order will not be printed until it is paid in full, so it is completely up to you how quickly you receive it

What is the quality of your products like?
I work with the best printers in New Zealand & overseas to ensure no product leaves the studio without my utmost confidence it will last. I have samples of virtually every available product that you are welcome to have a look at to help you decide! 

Why should I have my images printed?
Digital storage of photographs has not been around long enough to properly  test how long a digital file will last for, and we have absolutely no guarantee that the files will not deteriorate over time (Google ‘bit rot’ if you don’t believe me!). If anything happens to your harddrive or computer you could potentially lose years and years of memories with no printed copies. Having your images printed at a professional lab ensures they have been printed on high quality archival paper with ink that will not fade as quickly over time. It's also been proven that children who have photographs of themselves displayed in their home have higher self esteem.

What happens if I have the images printed myself?
I encourage everyone to have their entire gallery printed, whether by me or by yourself to ensure they are not lost, however please understand that not all printing companies have professionally calibrated screens so they may not turn out as they look when you see them in the studio, just as they may look different on a laptop or phone screen. 

Can you design and have printed birth announcements/Christmas cards?
Absolutely! Please let me know prior to your ordering appointment if you are interested in custom cards so I can create a few designs for you to choose from

Do you photograph anything besides babies and families?
Yes, occasionally! Please send me an email for a custom quote on any other photographic work 

For Photographers

Are you hiring?
I really appreciate the thought, but I am quite content working by myself at the moment. Thank you anyway!

Can I use your studio and/or props?
Yes! Please email me for information on hireage

I saw you on Petapixel/Reddit/Facebook...what happened to your first studio?
Funny not-so-funny story! The week after the article went live I found out we had to move the studio we had just spent my life savings and 4 months building. It was heartbreaking. We powered on and re-built 100 metres up the road, and now we have moved cities 2 years on, ready for studio #3. Thank you for your support!